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"I’m gonna make you beg just for making me cry"

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Oh geeez, Jepha’s solar powered island..

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Just got Berth (yes, I’ve been a poor motherfucker for most my life, shussh) and holy shit Quinn was fuuucked up while they were answering the questions. He’s change so much, they all have. They’ve calmed down so much, especially Quinn though, he was so wired and now he’s all zen.

"I hate zooom..I hate zoom! Zoom, zoom, zoom, on your boom, boom."

One of my favourite coverarts btw.

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They feel like ten years ago again.

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There are some truly stunning shots in it. Many of them reminding me of The Taste Of Ink actually.

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The Used’s new video for Hands & Faces.

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russia, moscow, 11.22.12 

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Favorite Music Videos ~ The Used -All That I’ve Got (C) 2006

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Okay can we talk about how good Bert looks here i mean cmon it’s really not fair

It’s too early for sexy Bert McCookies.

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Now I can breathe, turn my insides out | Videosource

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bert mccracken - iphone pic from warped.
july 3rd dallas, tx. 2012 

Sigh. I’m having major cravings. I haven’t been to a show in so long, it’s the first summer in years that I haven’t seen any live music whatsoever. It’s driving me slightly insane I think. I’m spending more time, than I ever have, watching live videos on Youtube.

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And of course I felt I had to make something for the 10 year anniversary. Happy tenth, The Used’s Self-Titled!

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This little record is 10 years old today. Time flies.

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