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I don’t think I’ve been this impressed/entertained in a while. Search for ‘Russell Brand Morning Joe msnbc’ to watch some of the best bamboozling I’ve ever seen. It’s actually totally embarrassing to know that these news anchors have a job delivering ‘news’ every day on such a huge scale yet are completely baffled by someone with an open mind and a great sense of humour. #dontwatchthat #watchthis

This is brilliant: http://youtu.be/ADJhErmJuoQ


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    I haven’t always been a fan of Russell Brand, but I love how badly he chumped these assholes. I also love how the...
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    This is brilliant: http://youtu.be/ADJhErmJuoQ
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    Russell Brand Hijacks MSNBC Morning Joe
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    My dad sent me this video yesterday. It is embarrassing to see the quality of work in the anchors verses Brand. He is...
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