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Officiell högskolestudent är helt slut och hoppar lära känna aktiviteter. Men jag klarade av det viktigaste!

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let’s talk about the physical affects of chronic anxiety because they’re hardly ever acknowledged




  • upset stomach and vomiting
  • ulcers
  • muscle aches
  • chronic fatigue
  • hormonal problems
  • irregular menstrual cycles
  • insomnia
  • infections
  • lowered immune system
  • migraines
  • shortness of breath
  • dizziness
  • heart palpitations
  • teeth-grinding
  • rashes

it is a lot more than just “feeling anxious “

thank you.

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First day of University, trying for goth enough to look intimidating but not enough to qualify as walking death/scary. Wish me luck!

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I want my makeup to communicate to you that you are never to speak to me unless I give you permission

intimidating femme life

This is sort of what I want to communicate with my whole outfit and make up today because I’m nervous enough without having to socialize. If I’ll have to, I might burst into tears because I haven’t slept since last night.

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It’s been a long time since I wore liner because the last few times I’ve done my make up (including today) I haven’t wanted to mess up the rest of my make up with crappy liner.

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Mayonnaise is oil, egg yolk, and vinegar. Mayonnaise scares the crap out of me.

With Kenyatta on this. Deeply afraid of mayonnaise. (Also aioli, which is just mayonnaise with no consonants in it.)

"L" isn’t a consonant then, John? I thought it was.

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Avoiding spoilers on tumblr


Guardians of the Galaxy, yo. I blacklisted it but, man, I feel like I’ve seen the whole movie anyway.

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On rare years when the conditions are right in the arid landscape of the Badlands, in the American West, wildflowers burst into a display of colour for just a few days.
The vegetation in the region has adapted to the climate, with just a small amount of moisture the desert can become coloured with sweeping fields of Scorpion Weed, Beeplant and the flowers of the Pincushion Cacti. These blooms can be very short-lived to conserve moisture.

Photographs by Guy Tal

From here

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What do you do when your past suddenly starts creeping in to your present life, again? When you’ve already stored it away so many times? I feel like I can’t have a future, like I’m not really allowed to because as soon as I begin to think of one or work on one I get yanked in to the past. As though to remind me that that’s somehow who I am, and not the person I am or working on to become.

I feel like I need to somehow get the inside of my skull padded so that the past will stop echoing into my present.

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Me and the TARDIS!!!!! I love Dr. Who!!!!!

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Been doing shitty ballet around my apartment for weeks.

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This movie, Endless Love, was terrible.

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