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Today was so important. I was feeling terrible but I forced myself to go out for a walk and I finally found a place that is a good enough replacement for my spot I used to go to back in my hometown. I felt like I could breathe and relax completely, for the first time in forever. I could even walk without my headphones on for a while.

Being alone in the forest is what I crave, it’s where and when I’m farthest from worry.

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Alan Lee

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Bubbles is my man.

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Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar (2012)

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Three, two, one. Done.

This shit is ridiculous.

Self-destruction is dumb; why do intrusive thoughts exist?

Fuck the fuck off alright!

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Svensk indiepop

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Right now I don’t want to exist.
I don’t want to die, I would just prefer not to be.

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Q: Why don’t more people with mental illness seek help for their problems instead of waiting until a crisis occurs?

A: Neurotypical Reasoning: Repeat the above statements as necessary until the problem goes away. People I know don’t have mental illnesses. They just aren’t willing to work on their character flaws.

A: Mental Illness: See? This is why you shouldn’t talk about it. To Anybody. Ever. No one is going to help you. No one cares about your pathetic problems. Your just giving them more reasons to hate you by talking about it.

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Afternoon Delight

Oh wow, this film deserves so much more recognition than it’s gotten. Because people need to see it. I can’t get over how incredibly important this film is. Important, important, important!

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Unshaven pussy is ugly




Silence your mouth, all pussy is just, wonderful!
I thoroughly enjoy them.

I prefer a shaven one, I don’t need to be suffocated and my dick doesn’t need to fight through the jungle to get to the treasure.

A pox on you.

Uhm..excuse me, uhm, do you even know what pubic hair is? You probably don’t if you refer to it that way. I know it’s nicked ‘bush’ but..it’s not made of twigs. It’s not a force field, it’s hair.

Preference is preference of course but you know, don’t talk about what you don’t like if you know very little about it. Just talk about what you do know. That’s fine.

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you keep getting disappointed

the problem is

you give too much, too soon, to people who are not worth your time


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